**The Society Suckers** make frantic, precisely arranged psychedelic pogo trash music. born out of a frustration with emotionless dance music, 1997's debut "Anti-carnivore" featured their trademark ultrahigh frequency melodies and precisely arranged hyper breakbeats, becoming a breakcore standard before the genre had a name.

Their live shows blend focused turntable skills with emotionally charged gear tormenting - it's a manic combination of Breakcore opera, Rave hooks, pogo anthems and structural mayhem.

They have a long history of performing in Europe and recently North America, with artists such as Venetian Snares, DJ Scud, Patric Catani, Kid606, din-st, DJ/Rupture, Hrvatski, Drop The Lime, and Melt Banana. They have records out on labels like Mental Ind., Kool.Pop, Lux Nigra, Peace Off and Amex.