Six Red Dead Video made by daalnroti now included in full length "karl marx stadt" cd on lux nigra.


DJ Nishinga at Exitspace 6, Graz
Society Suckers Second DJ Mix for Resonance FM, London
karl marx stadt interview on radio one's breezeblock
Society Suckers Live at WFMU, NYC
Society Suckers DJ Mix for Resonance FM, London
Society Suckers live at Breakcore gives me Wood Halloween Edition

The End - Capitalism took away my Childhood and now i`m really mad! EP
all available on vinyl and cd through lux nigra as "karl marx stadt",
except for "kakke ekko" on mental ind. mir03.3 12" by society suckers.
Society Suckers - Ready For Battle off the M.A.S.H. 001 12"
Society Suckers - Peace Off Limited 03 EP
Society Suckers -The Narrow Tekknotic Lukasz (from Biophilia Allstars)
Christian Gierden - Heart Seekers
Christian Gierden - Japanese Cherry Tree