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09.02.2008 Rosswein, Wasted Acid Force Live
16.02.2008 Brussels, Karl Marx Stadt Live

08.03.2008 Prague @ Wasted over Prague, w/  Jason Forrest, Pure
18.04.2008 Gent @ Clash Of The Titans
13.12.2008 Leipzig @ UT-Connewitz, Karl Marx Stadt - The Opera

so the "cheesemonsters are go!" record is sold out,
almost gone are the hard-to-get-a-hold-of shitzofrenetic corpse grind singles.

New Sets for You:


DJ Nishinga in Zurich

Karl Marx Stadt at Panoptica 5

yesterday's news:

society suckers "cheesemonsters are go!" limited whitelabels of forthcoming 12"
on suburban trash due may 2007 available NOW!

next up, we have a very special 7" single on scatty brainz records,
its 2 tracks,
one of them produced with lots of machinery for a difference in experience.
they will follow this with releases by candie hank, felix kubin and otto von schirach,
so watch out for scatty brainz!

left: this is acid samovar 2, from russia, a seemingly splendid compilation of music,
except we havent heard it yet, but it looks great and has a nishinga track on it.
right: heyrec finished their 06singles release series with a complete collection on cd
including the extinguisher remix.

the first ever dubstep record to come out of germany (?) !
karl marx stadt remixes hey-o-hansen! and you can hear it here and there.

alphacut records #5 will feature us on one side collaborating w/ mze from leipzig.
listen here and there. to be released in september.

33.99 records was a temporary, instant and one-of-a-kind record label that let us record
a 1 copy only 2 sided 7"
with this track on it and then column one were kind enough to collaborate with us
on a second one! 2 times a limited to 1 piece only
7" w/ exclusive suckers joy! get mp3s here!
plus a 40 minute society suckers live set at the weblaunch party for their site here!

the exclusive chevron and karl marx stadt 50 piece limited edition 3" tour cd sold out.

the 3rd mix for resonance fm is here! exclusive society suckers tracks, entirely unreleased material from 1995-2000!

exotic double cd compilations coming atcha. landscape 2 from china and drop name record
2xcd issue on painfreefoundsound. pick a fine distributor.

still worth it: dj nishinga set in vienna! and second "dj" mix for resonance fm.

Coming 2006 - scatty-brainz-rec. 03 - Shitzofrenetik Corpes Grind EP
by Society Suckers, Mahatma, Der Totmacher & Jens Bremeier

Society Suckers - Zettai Remix now available on DJ SHARPNEL - MADBREAKS (SRPC0019)
over at (thats the "cheesemonster is go" track on our myspace)
preview mp3 of the SHARPNEL CD here.

and it is finally ready ! A-Core. 23 Soldiers of Fakecore Finally available on CD, LP and MC! Just like the 80's!

fuck the person that stole drop the limes laptop and kaoss pad 2 in zentrale randlage in berlin.
fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. we'll find you, you're the worst. you ruined it for everybody, asshole.
if you ever see a wooden panel laptop and a kaoss pad 2 with a shark sticker appear tell us.

Society Suckers - Le Ragazze Hanno Ancora Sete (Mental Industries 003.3) is still available at the distros.
dont miss the limited mispressed whitelabel 12" with the bonus track

Karl Marx Stadt CDs and LPs out now!

mar 3rd 05: mary anne dobbs plays 7,000,000,000 again due to large feedback from audience.
feb 22nd 05: check out bbc breezeblock's mary anne dobbs playing 7,000,000,000 off the new karl marx stadt record. (it's mislabeled six red dead)

"You think you've got everything, but really have nothing,
It's just too much pressure and your mind is busting"